Prizes for Danish researchers at CARLoquium

Researchers from the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub and from the Department of Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark contributed posters for the virtual conference CARLoquium 2022, which was held in March. They distinguished themselves by being among the prize winners when the prizes for the incoming posters were awarded.

Rikke Krüger Jensen received 2nd prize in the category Best Unpublished Poster, Mette Gregersen and Kristina Boe Dissing received 1st prize and 3rd prize respectively in the category Best Early Career Poster, Simon Dyrløv Madsen received 2nd prize in the category Best Protocol Poster and Henrik Hein Lauridsen received 1st prize for Best Published Poster.

Five Danish prize winners at one conference is very impressive. It underlines the strong research environment within musculoskeletal pain that exists at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub and at the Department of Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark.

Professor Jan Hartvigsen, who is one of the mentors and initiators of CARL, is pleased that his fellow researchers did so well:

- I am happy and proud that Danish researchers were awarded so many prizes at CARLoquium. This is particularly impressive because our CARL Fellows Casper Nim, Steen Harsted, Cecilie Øverås and James Young were involved in arranging the conference and therefore were unable to participate in the competition for prizes.

- CARLoquium is organized by the Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership, which is a worldwide network of the most talented young researchers in the field of chiropractic. The network is sponsored by chiropractic organizations from Europe, North America and Australia. CARL Fellows collaborate virtually on research and leadership, and they meet physically once a year. The next meeting is in August in Odense in Denmark, says Jan Hartvigsen.

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